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Full support for Legacy, Segwit and Bech32 addresses!

Multi-Input / Multi-Output

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Open Source

HashRaw is an open source web based wallet written in javascript and released under the MIT license which means it's free to use and edit.


We offer a fully transparent multisig solution which works seamlessly offline and with other bitcoin clients.

Raw Transactions

Create and sign, verify and broadcast custom raw transactions online with advanced features and minimal effort!


We support regular addresses, multisig, segwit / bech32 and stealth all with access to your own private keys!


Use what we've built to write your own projects! See our documention (coming soon), or contribute at github.

Transaction create a signed raw transaction

Use this page to create a signed raw transaction.

WIF key: Format:

Enter the address and amount you wish to make a payment to.
[Legacy, SegWit/Bech32 supported] Donate!

Address: Amount:
Input: Output: Miners Fee:                               
Sort Input/Output: Satoshi Per Byte [Optional]:

New Address create a new address

Brain Wallet. Random Address

Entropy Generated Address.

New Multisig Address Secure multisig address

Public keys can be generated in your browser or from your bitcoin client.

Enter the public keys of all the participants, to create a multi signature address. Maximum of 15 allowed. Compressed and uncompressed public keys are accepted.

Public Keys:

Enter the amount of signatures required to release the coins

Verify transactions and other scripts

Enter the raw transaction, redeem script, pubkey, hd address or wif key to convert it into a readable format that can be verified manually.

Broadcast Transaction into the bitcoin network

Enter your hex encoded bitcoin transaction

About open source bitcoin wallet


Compatible with bitcoin core

Wallet code itself cutted out, improved manual transaction processing

Legacy, Segwit and Bech32 addresses are supported

Please donate to 1LovzBsPqwHnY8gd3WCLUhpBNLDqUa3LAv if you found this project useful or want to see more features!

This page uses javascript to generate your addresses and sign your transactions within your browser, this means we never receive your private keys, this can be independently verified by reviewing the source code on github. You can even download this page and host it yourself or run it offline!